The 30th Anniversary of Priesthood of Rev. Canon Thaddeus Dzieszko

The 30th Anniversary of the Priesthood of Rev. Thaddeus Dzieszko, Pastor of Saint Constance Parish, began with a Solemn Holy Mass on May 6, 2018 at 3:30PM, celebrated by Fr. Dzieszko together with numerous priests.  The event brought together members of all parish groups and clubs, representatives of the Polish Diaspora, as well as guests from Poland, all of whom participated in the Eucharist. Joining Fr. Thaddeus at the altar were pastors and associate pastors from various Polish parishes, Fathers from the Pauline Congregation in Jasna Gora and deacons serving at St. Constance Church, namely Fathers James Heyd, Miguel Flores Paul Barwikowski, Rafal Stecz, Antoni Dziorek, Stanislaw Jankowski, Bruno Chmiel, Andrzej Yzik, Michal Krajski OSPPE, Marcin Mikulski OSPPE, Michal Krupa OFM, Michal Lewon and Deacons Jim Schiltz and Rudy Kotleba.

The ceremony also was attended by representatives of the municipal government:  Alderman John Arena with his wife and Alderman Ariel Reboyras; by deputies of the Polish parliament:  Anna Paluch and Barbara Chrobak; by the owner of the SKOFF Company – Krzysztof Skiba together with his daughter; by the founder of the “Ciachomania” Company – Alicja Zalewska; by the chairman of the Association NSZZ Solidarnosc 80; and by the president of the “Wiez Kultur” Foundation – Malgorzata Wojtaszek.

During the homily Fr. Thaddeus vividly described the origins of his vocation and drew particular attention to the importance of the priesthood as a gift from Christ for the Church community.  The Priesthood of Fr. Dzieszko is notably associated with St. Constance Parish where he has served for twenty years, first as a vicar and after a few years as its pastor.  It is no wonder that the Parish became like a second family whose members gathered in great numbers at the ceremony on this day.  Their esteem became evident particularly toward the end of the Mass when all communities, associations and parish clubs, if even in a few words, expressed their gratitude for the years they spent together with Fr. Thaddeus, for his friendship and his pastoral care.

Mrs. Lucyna Jurkowska, a parishioner originally from Poland, extended greetings on behalf of Fr. Dzieszko’s mother who could not be present physically at this event.  Next followed the employees of the parish who, in the name of all parishioners, handed Fr. Dzieszko a Papal Jubilarian Blessing.  Well wishes were extended next by representatives of the Parish Pastoral Council and the Finance Council.

They were followed by the Missionary Sisters of Christ the King who serve at the parish, the Dominican Sisters who reside in the parish and the Sisters of Loretto of Radio Maryja.

Next came representatives of the Polish School of St Maximilian M. Kolbe, St.Constance School, the Religious Education Program, prayer groups; as well as teachers, altar servers, marshals, members of the Polonia Club, the Association of the Holy Name of Jesus; representatives of the Rosary Circles, Youth Group, “Ave Maria “ and “Glory and Praise” choirs; parish groups of “The Young at Heart”, Highlanders, the Woman’s Club, Sports Associations, the “Corpus Christi” theater group, the Gazeta Polska club and the Knights of Columbus.  Leszek Humienik and his wife concluded with their wishes and presented personal testimony to the role Fr. DziesZko played in the service of parish families , expecially those experiencing difficulties.

During the Mass, the soloists performing against a musical setting were Ms. Ewa Kowcz and Mr. Jozef Homenik who sang with the “Ave Maria” Choir and the St. Constance Brass Band.

After Mass, everyone went to Handzel Center Hall and/or Fr. Borowczyk Hall to continue celebration of the jubilee and to take commemorative photographs with Fr. Thaddeus.  To accommodate the large number of guests it was necessary to provide two banquet rooms, two orchestras and two separate buffets.  Everyone enjoyed the evening which was additionally serenaded with music on the harmonica by Fr. Josef Zuziak, a Salvatorian Priest  The jubilee celebration lasted late into the evening and left many warm memories in the hearts of both parishioners and guests.