A new study has for the first time explored the extraordinary rate at which the world’s largest fish, the endangered whale shark, can recover from its injuries. The findings reveal that lacerationsRead More…

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There is a different Ganga for everyone. For the fisherman, it is his source of daily sustenance. For the septuagenarian, her gateway to Nirvana. From the washerman’s daily grime to the sinsRead More…


Geetha G Thimmegowda, a researcher with the National Centre for Biological Sciences in Bangalore, first noticed a few years back, that the number of Giant Asian honey bees were gradually decreasing inRead More…


There was once a time, not very long ago when there were over 2,000 elephants in Odisha and the entire landscape from the coast of Mahanadi to the Satkosia Tiger Reserve andRead More…


Bugun Liocichla is a multi-coloured bird discovered by physicists-cum-naturalist Ramana Athreya on a field trip to Arunachal Pradesh in 1995. The bird was officially recognized as a new species in 2006, givenRead More…


Your questions answered. Each week we pick a question asked by our readers and answer them using the help of our resident experts and occasionally guest scientists and researchers eager to resolveRead More…


From the moment the lockdown began in India in March 2020, social media was abuzz with animal sightings across the country in urban areas. From the civet seen in Kerala to theRead More…